When Will the Trump Cult Give Up?

Basically, it’s a cult. The question is when the spell will break.

Tucker Lieberman
5 min readSep 3, 2022


A burning matchstick
Matchstick by m63mueller from Pixabay

Donald Trump is an incompetent, lying self-aggrandizer who has his own political cult. As Adam Serwer put it:

“Trump is a thrice-married libertine who has never asked God for forgiveness…eagerly accepted the aid of a foreign adversary during the election…refused to even criticize Putin publicly…[has] ties to organized crime [that] are to numerous to name…‘gets bored and likes to watch TV’…spent nearly a fifth of his presidency golfing…unable to describe the basics of any of his own policies…unable to broach topics of public concern without boasting…publicly attempted to use the power of the state to attack his enemies…called Nazis ‘very fine people’…[and is] a vapid celebrity.

There is virtually no personality defect that conservatives accused Obama of possessing that Trump himself does not actually possess.”

So why do people lionize him?

People Believe He’s a Kind of Messiah

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