Most Famous Short Film of All Time

Announcing something big. I just told you what it is.

Tucker Lieberman
3 min readJul 19, 2022


I’ve written a novel. An enterprising small press called tRaum, based in Munich, is going to publish it. The glowy-pink cover art is by Cel La Flaca. Here it is. I am sharing it for the first time: title, publisher, cover.

The book cover of MOST FAMOUS SHORT FILM OF ALL TIME. Stanley drives a pink convertible. Aparna is in the back seat, gesturing to Lev, who runs outside the car, trying to keep up. In the background is a 1950s-style cinema. One side of the marquee says MOST FAMOUS SHORT FILM OF ALL TIME and the other side says BY TUCKER LIEBERMAN.

Will We Ever Catch Up?

This guy, Lev—that’s him running behind the car on the book cover—unspools an endlessly evolving thought about time, the universe, his job, his friendships, every book he’s ever read, and why someone might want to kill him. Those are his friends, Aparna and Stanley, in the car.

Mostly a Novel is Made of Words

With this one, there’s visual formatting, too.

Several lines of the novel, showing the visual formatting. A single black-and-white frame of the Zapruder film of the JFK assassination, #8, with the colors inverted like a photo negative. Flashbulb August 1987. “ELVIS HAS BEEN DEAD FOR A WHILE.” Let me explain how I feel about paperclips. But first let me tell you how I know Elvis is dead. On the tenth anniversary of his death, the supermarket tabloids claimed he was riding in flying saucers, visiting the President, and so…

This is Entirely Real

I can do this for hundreds of pages. Why I would do it is indeed a question. I have been doing it for years, and finally it is done.



Tucker Lieberman

Editor for Prism & Pen and for Identity Current. Author of the novel "Most Famous Short Film of All Time."