New Book on Marriage Deliberately Ignores Gay Couples

Are we saving civilization yet?

Tucker Lieberman
8 min readFeb 14, 2024


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Today, Brad Wilcox released a book, Get Married: Why Americans Must Defy the Elites, Forge Strong Families, and Save Civilization. He’s connected to the American Enterprise Institute and has directed the National Marriage Project for 15 years. In the book, he counts himself among “churchgoing Catholics” and says his “social circle…leans right.” I had not heard of him before and only learned of the book on its launch day through an advertisement.

Especially because, given the anti-LGBTQ climate in the United States, there are renewed efforts to overturn gay marriage, I wanted to follow up on what arguments and language are being used in 2024.

No Gay People in This Book

Early on, I noticed a sentence in which Wilcox declares he’ll focus on “heterosexual married men and women ages eighteen to fifty-five,” mostly parents. Why no gay couples? Because the numbers of gay married parents are so negligible, he says, it’s hard to do stats on them: “less than 1 percent of married families with children in America are headed by same-sex parents.”

That’s the only direct reference we get

This sentence is his only use of “same-sex” in the entire book; he never says “gay,” “lesbian,” or “bisexual.” He does once refer to an apparently straight woman named Kaitlyn as a “resolute supporter of LGBT rights” just to emphasize that even she admires her husband’s masculinity as a breadwinner. He describes people like her as those who “often talk left but walk right”; he’s dismissing her talk and praising her walk. Note that Kaitlyn is surely less than 1 percent of married families — there’s only one of her — but her opinion is included because she is straight.

Similarly, he mentions “trans rights” once, only to raise his concern that journalists and academics portray religion as an “obstacle to social progress.” He does not bother to add that trans people should have rights. (Specifically which rights shouldn’t we have? Any of them, it seems.) He mentions trans people’s rights in the same breath with “abortion” and “feminism,” on which he has nothing positive to say either. His explicit primary concern in this…



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