Each of Us is Made of Diverse and Broken Pieces

You can call it ch’ixi, if that‘s one of your pieces

Folk dancer’s costume in a “ch’ixi” style, in a pattern similar to jaguar spots, representing the trickster Kusillo. Digitally enhanced detail from a photo by Eliasquispe, Wikimedia Commons, CC 3.0.

How much can we be at one time? Ch’ixi means we are more than one thing simultaneously. We are made of pieces.

In reading Un mundo ch’ixi es posible: Ensayos desde un presente en crisis, I thought about gender, ethnicity and language, and learning.




Dignity & democracy. Truth & time. https://tuckerlieberman.com/

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Tucker Lieberman

Tucker Lieberman

Dignity & democracy. Truth & time. https://tuckerlieberman.com/

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